How much ?

The Fees are based on :

    • The defined fees as written in the research mandate : clear and clean !
    • How much Chasseur And Co did negotiate for you : the win-win bonus !

(fees on % of the sale and bonus on % of negociation).

Choose what’s best for you : take the Menu or “à la carte”. 

  • Menu : Chasseur And Co takes care of everything, from the start research to the deed of sale.

You’re buying
Between 2,5% et 5% of the sale’s price + the win-win bonus.

You’re renting
Between 1 et 2 months’ rent + the win- win bonus.

  • A la carte : You tell us what you want us to do for you!

Selecting offers and pre visiting for you? – Visits and negotiation on your own. We are only paid for the time spend (transport time not included).

Hourly rate
Office time: 50€ H.T.                      Outside time: 80€ H.T. (VAT excluded)