Penthouse duplex at Solférino’s

It's a battle, isn't it? No Sir, it's a victory!
Bien recherché
To buy
8 000 000 €
Paris 7th
210 sqm
Number of rooms
4 rooms
Histoire de la recherche
For this foreign investor, Chasseur And Co is not an option, it’s a must havel ! Great admiror of Napoléon, he wishes a place to be, near the Invalides. But Solferino’s quarter is more appropriate : more quiet, fewer tourists : A 2 floors ‘flat,on the top of the building with view on the Seine and Orsay museum. Spacious ! The money spared by our negociation supports the project of redecorating ! Good deal, this apartment really needs an update. ! Thanks to our network, Chasseur And Co digged up this property from the confidential market.
Done in 2 months

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